Ancient Secrets Behind Maintaining a Healthy Glow in Winter

Ancient Secrets Behind Maintaining a Healthy Glow in Winter

As we navigate the cooling temperatures of autumn and head into winter, our hard-earned summer glow is steadily slipping away. But just because the season of sun-kissed skin is long gone, it doesn’t mean we can’t maintain a warm-weather radiance year round.

Before you revisit and revise your personal ritual to prepare your skin for winter weather, we’re offering up some time-tested tips gleaned from ancient remedies. One ancient Indian remedy for environmental wear on both the skin and hair is sunflower oil. Massaged into the skin, scalp, or strands, this natural oil imparts hardworking nutrients and antioxidants. It can soothe inflamed or irritated winter-worn skin, reducing redness and even preventing eczema flare-ups. We crafted our Mighty Majesty formula, a multipurpose hair oil or body serum, with cold-pressed sunflower oil to nourish the hair and skin—combatting dryness and helping both retain their moisture.

For an extra dose of hydration, Radiant Rani, the newest addition to our family of blended magical botanicals, unveils a healthy youthful glow when incorporated into your nightly ritual. Even in the most trying months, this illuminating serum lights the skin aglow with its alchemic fusion of ayurvedic ingredients like vetiver, turmeric, and saffron. Vetiver heals cracked skin, a common problem in cold weather. Turmeric has a calming effect on the skin and its anti-bacterial properties can help clear pores. Saffron stimulates cell formation and repair—especially important to care for overworked skin in the approaching winter season.

So as you buckle down to redesign your skincare routine for winter, take a cue from the past and the ancient remedies that have stood the test of time. This winter, enhance your ritual with a personalized recipe of ayurvedic ingredients programmed to work overtime and protect your beautiful glow all year long.

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