May Mamas: Rachel Anise (Beauty Professor)

May Mamas: Rachel Anise (Beauty Professor)

To kick off the series, we caught up with real-life professor and beauty expert Rachel Anise, an L.A.-based mom who shares how her life has changed since welcoming her baby girl Johannah earlier this year!

How would you describe your approach to beauty and wellness? 

As a beauty devotee and writer who entered into the industry well before the official start of the wellness movement (I launched Beauty Professor in 2012), I would say that my approach is balanced. I have an affinity for gorgeous and effective products that harmonize form and function and deeply appreciate the wealth of options that currently exist. Clean beauty has never been more accessible and high performance and I also have a soft spot in my heart for some key legacy brands and Indie lines who may not officially align with wellness objectives but still produce beautifully mindful formulas. 

How much has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mother? 

Since my work schedule has been intense for years, I thought that my routine was fairly quick before becoming a mother! Almost daily, I would create a full (yet natural) and long-lasting face in under 10 minutes and rush off to teach for 12+ hours. Now, I've whittled that process down to 5 or 6 minutes, which is totally manageable while taking care of a 9-month old! After cleansing and moisturizing, I apply a buildable medium base (100% fine if some of my freckles peek through), some bronzer, a cream blush/highlighter, a touch of eyeshadow (generally a single wash of color), a bit of brow pomade and mascara and finish with some version of a peachy pink nude lipstick...the entire process utilizes exactly two brushes (Troy Surratt's brilliant cheek brush and Hakuhodo's eyeshadow brush) and a beauty sponge so I can achieve the overall look with a modicum of products. While I certainly have my fair share of bare-faced days at home, putting on makeup, even when I don't have to head out makes me feel more pulled together and ready for whatever the day brings.

What self-care practices do you always make time for? 

Between between a deeply committed mom, full-time Communication Studies college professor and active beauty writer and content creator with a packed editorial calendar, sometimes finding time to do something as rudimentary as brushing my hair can be a challenge! That being said, at minimum, I always make sure to thoroughly wash makeup off before bed (it's a non-negotiable), use moisturizer on my face and body every single day, exfoliate (in the shower to save time) regularly, consistently floss my teeth and condition my hair every other day.  In light of all of the beauty and skincare products that pass through my door for review, I am actually exceptionally low maintenance! Also, I also try to get a monthly pedicure, eschew alcohol and keep caffeine consumption to a minimum, eat well (lots of kale salads and organic dairy going on over here) and find time to exercise my body daily as writing and grading speeches require so much sitting. Often it's a long walk with Johannah and Jethro (my pup) and other times it's squats and backwards pushups in the living room...without a set routine, I get my movement whenever and wherever I can. 

What is the best beauty advice you’ve received from your mom? 

From my earliest memories, my beloved mom Laura (who, incidentally is my assistant in all things Beauty Professor today!) consistently encouraged me to develop inner beauty; she explained that there was absolutely nothing wrong with doing your best with your exterior, in fact, it's healthy to take care of one's self! However, if outer beauty isn't matched or even exceeded by what's on the inside, we're missing the mark. Elements like virtue, honesty, how we treat others and what we do with the time we're blessed with here on earth should always be prioritized. Those qualities shine from within and make us beautiful on levels perceptible by far more than just the eyes! Oh, and she encouraged me to never mindlessly touch my face. I still follow that rule to this day; I thank her and my skin thanks me! 

What lessons do you hope to each your daughter? 

Just like my mom (and dad!) taught me, my husband Tyler and I hope to instill in Johannah Elle a profound depth of character and inner beauty that has her pursuing faith, kindness, empathy, self-control, truth, respect and a healthy sense of identity. I'd love for her to always feel free to be her authentic self while still understanding the value of manners and appropriateness, learn the power of her voice and how to wield it effectively (let her yes be "yes" and her no be "no"), experience the satisfying outcomes of hard work (mind, body and soul) and seek to live a life of purpose that is reflected by the way she treats others and herself. Also, she's been watching me put on makeup since her birth (truly, she becomes transfixed!) so I think she may grow up knowing a thing or two about proper bronzer placement (hollows of cheeks and perimeters of face!) and foolproof winged eyeliner techniques (connect the dots), too.  

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