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  • 5 Benefits of Adding Saffron to Your Daily Routine

    29 October 2018

    As we delve into the Secret Garden of Ranavat Botanics to dig deep into the science that has powered our ancient formulations over the past 5,000 years, we’d be remiss not to spotlight one particular ingredient that’s worth more than its weight in gold—literally. Saffron, a revered spice more expensive per ounce than gold, boasts a rich history that can be traced back over three millennia. In Ancient Egypt, healers kept saffron in their medicinal arsenals to help relieve gastrointestinal ailments. It is said that even Cleopatra incorporated the sought-after spice into her bathing rituals. In Ancient Rome, saffron was used as a deodorizer. Today, the expensive spice may be best known for its culinary use as a popular seasoning, but its beauty benefits and medicinal properties are still tapped into by many. Below, we highlight just a handful of the ways this magical botanical can help enhance your wellbeing, from the inside out.

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  • Love in Bloom: The Significance and Benefits of Jasmine and Roses

    06 February 2018

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the perfect time to take a closer look at two of the blooms that have captured our hearts—jasmine and rose.

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  • Ingredient Spotlight: Saffron

    29 December 2017

    Saffron is the epitome of Your Royal Ritual.  More expensive per ounce than gold, it has been used for thousands of years in India as a beauty treatment for the elite.  Saffron is best known for its ability to brighten: treating dark circles under the eyes and for creating a glowy complexion.  Add some extra glow and luxury to your ritual with saffron in our Flawless Veil Masque.

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