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  • 4 Reasons to Add Powder Masks to Your Skincare Routine

    02 January 2019

    Face masks have long been a skincare essential. Face and body masks called ubtan, a hardworking mix of herbs, flowers, and roots, were a part of ancient Ayurveda tradition and adopted as a ritual for religious festivals such as Diwali and the Haldi ceremony in Indian weddings. When you’re cultivating your own personal ritual, masks are an especially pleasant way to pamper yourself and reveal glowing skin. At Ranavat Botanics, we value fresh, organic ingredients, so our all-time favorite face masks are powder. Powder masks boast a number of benefits because of their composition—beyond making an easy travel companion due to TSA guidelines. We’ve highlighted five major advantages of powder masks below, explaining why they’re a worthwhile addition to your skincare routine.

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  • Ancient Secrets Behind Maintaining a Healthy Glow in Winter

    02 January 2019

    As we navigate the cooling temperatures of autumn and head into winter, our hard-earned summer glow is steadily slipping away. But just because the season of sun-kissed skin is long gone, it doesn’t mean we can’t maintain a warm-weather radiance year round.

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  • 5 Benefits of Adding Saffron to Your Daily Routine

    29 October 2018

    As we delve into the Secret Garden of Ranavat Botanics to dig deep into the science that has powered our ancient formulations over the past 5,000 years, we’d be remiss not to spotlight one particular ingredient that’s worth more than its weight in gold—literally. Saffron, a revered spice more expensive per ounce than gold, boasts a rich history that can be traced back over three millennia. In Ancient Egypt, healers kept saffron in their medicinal arsenals to help relieve gastrointestinal ailments. It is said that even Cleopatra incorporated the sought-after spice into her bathing rituals. In Ancient Rome, saffron was used as a deodorizer. Today, the expensive spice may be best known for its culinary use as a popular seasoning, but its beauty benefits and medicinal properties are still tapped into by many. Below, we highlight just a handful of the ways this magical botanical can help enhance your wellbeing, from the inside out.

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  • Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

    26 June 2018

    Since wedding season has officially arrived, we have teamed up with Kyra & Vir, a marketplace that delivers handcrafted products from makers in India, to give you the perfect guide to keeping yourself feeling fresh and looking fabulous this wedding season.

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  • Celebrating the Royal Wedding

    18 May 2018

    In anticipation of the royal wedding, we can’t help but find ourselves—like the rest of the world—enamored by the fairytale romance. With Meghan and Harry exchanging their vows this weekend, what better time to revisit two of our favorite royal delights inspired by wedding traditions?

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  • May Mamas: Ami Desai

    10 May 2018

    "I’ve said this so many times, but I really really want my daughter to be able to admire someone else’s beauty without questioning her own. She can admire other people that are like her, or unlike her, and look to them for inspiration, but I never want that to make her question why she looks the way she is, why she’s a certain size, or why her skin color is the way it is. Beauty is very fleeting and I myself am creating a career off of my beauty, but in 10 years, I have to be comfortable with myself however I’m aging. You really have to have a beautiful soul and beautiful character or else none of it matters."

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  • Why "Treat Yo Self" Isn't Enough

    21 February 2018

    Self care is experiencing a huge moment right now- but to me, self care is more than just taking time for yourself: it should actually DO SOMETHING for your skin.  Masques are incredible vehicles for skin improvement- the clay component clarifies and cleanses and the honey + time-tested botanicals help improve your skin's overall health. 

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  • Are you really treating your dry skin?

    14 December 2017

    Are you treating your dry skin the right way?

    Decoding what our skin is telling us can make all the difference in how we treat our skin. 

    Today I'm going to send some light on Dry vs. Dehydrated skin and explain why they are not the same thing!  

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