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Amla, also known as "Indian Gooseberry" is a nutrient rich superfood and a staple in Ayurvedic Medicine.

    Ultra potent antioxidant containing the richest and highest natural source of vitamin C-- the equivalent of nearly 10 oranges.  Vitamin C is important in skincare as it helps add brightness to the skin.

    Contains a high concentration of minerals, amino acids and high density of tannins, polyophenols and flavonoids

    Anti-bacterial and astringent properties that help prevent infection and promote the healing of skin.

    For hair, Amla is "India's Best Kept Beauty Secret" as it strengthens and fortifies hair.  It has been used on hair in Indian culture for centuries- and is still widely used in India today.

    Often is referred to in ancient text as the best medicine to prevent aging and a rasayana (a promoter of health, longevity and great complexion).

    The amla used in our treatments is both in the powdered form (Kiss of Royal Tea Masque) and acts as a brightening ingredient- but also as an pure extract (through supercritical extraction) in our Mighty Majesty Hair + Body Serum.

    Can be found in the following treatments:

    Hair Treatment Serum - Ranavat

    Mighty Majesty Hair Serum


    Radiant Rani - Brightening Facial Serum

    Radiant Rani Brightening Facial Serum



    Mighty Majesty Hair Serum (Travel)

    Mighty Majesty Hair Serum (Travel)



    Kiss of Royal Tea  - Hydrating Masque

    Kiss of Royal Tea Hydrating Masque



    2.82 oz
    Radiant Rani Brightening Facial Serum (Travel)

    Radiant Rani Brightening Facial Serum (Travel Size 10mL)



    The Ultimate Royal Ritual

    The Ultimate Royal Ritual



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