4 Reasons to Add Powder Masks to Your Skincare Routine

4 Reasons to Add Powder Masks to Your Skincare Routine

They’re as fresh as it gets

Because powder masks are composed of dried ingredients, all of the vitamins and minerals remain intact. The moment you add a liquid to mix them into a paste, the ingredients are activated. Much like cooking with a spice, the freshness and potency of each ingredient in a powder mask are sustained until they’re ready for use.

They don’t have preservatives

Unlike their cream or gel counterparts, powder masks don’t have any preservatives—which are added to many wet formulations to protect against bacteria, fungus, and rancidity. While synthetic and even natural preservatives vary in toxicity, no preservatives are good for us. With powder masks, you’re avoiding preservatives and therefore getting a cleaner, safer product for your skin.


They’re more effective

Without preservatives, water, or emulsifying agents diluting down powder masks, they’re made of only the key ingredients necessary to bring about beautiful skin. For this reason, powder masks are more concentrated, potent, and ultimately a more effective formulation.

They offer a bespoke experience

Because you get to act a beauty chemist when it comes to your powder masks, you get to customize the formulation to suit your beauty needs. Tailor your mask to your skin by mixing and matching powders, or even add a few drops of your favorite serum, honey, or even yogurt if your skin is feeling extra dry or dull.

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