Celebrating the Royal Wedding

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

In anticipation of the royal wedding, we can’t help but find ourselves—like the rest of the world—enamored by the fairytale romance. With Meghan and Harry exchanging their vows this weekend, what better time to revisit two of our favorite royal delights inspired by wedding traditions?

Here at Ranavat Botanics, we’re all about honoring the beauty secrets long cherished by ancient Indian royals. Believing every woman deserves to feel like she wears a crown, we’re dedicated to bringing those luxurious practices to your self-care routine. Jasmine, a widely honored symbol of prosperity, love, and beauty (not to mention an aphrodisiac), plays an important role in Indian weddings. While traditionally worn in the hair, jasmine can be enjoyed anytime with our Jasmine Tonique that allows the sweet scent to soak into your skin for a soothing dose of moisture and lifted spirits.

A few days before the big day, an Indian bride partakes in an auspicious ritual called the Haldi ceremony, where friends and family gather to pamper her with herbs—like turmeric and sandalwood powder—to bring good luck and enhance her glow. We’ve captured this special formula in our Flawless Veil to help you unveil your most radiant self, whatever the occasion.


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