Why "Treat yo self" isn't Enough

Why "Treat Yo Self" Isn't Enough

Self care is experiencing a huge moment right now- but to me, self care is more than just taking time for yourself: it should actually DO SOMETHING for your skin.  Masques are incredible vehicles for skin improvement- the clay component clarifies and cleanses and the honey + time-tested botanicals help improve your skin's overall health. 

I have personally seen the biggest improvement in my skin when I am consistently treating my skin about 2x/week.  Especially in the summer months when dirt and oil can build up, the Flawless Veil Masque can help reduce hyperpigmentation from the sun and the Fuller's Earth Clay helps cool and absorb any excess oils in the skin.  I strongly believe masques should not be an "every once in a while treat" they should be a consistent part of your routine if you want to see results.  Just like we don't walk out of the gym the first day expecting a 6 pack, we can't expect results overnight-- especially when they include scarring and acne.  It takes a little bit of TLC, but its totally worth it and I promise if you stick with it, you seriously fall in love with your skin.

So the next time you see that "Treat Yo Self" GIF - think about all the amazing treats you can indulge in that not only feel luxurious in the moment, but actually provide you with results that will last much longer. 

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