Are you really treating your dry skin?

Are you really treating your dry skin?

Decoding what our skin is telling us can make all the difference in how we treat our skin. 

Today I'm going to send some light on Dry vs. Dehydrated skin and explain why they are not the same thing!  

Dry Skin: Attached to our hair follicles we have our sebaceous glands. These aptly named glands produce sebum an oily substance that helps to protect, lubricate and nourish our skin, preventing it from drying out and causing premature aging. If we have a lack of sebum production, it can cause dry skin. 

To Treat: Your skin has enough hydration (aka water) but lacks the oil (sebum) to seal it in and protect your skin. 

Your Ritual: Apply a facial oil (helping your lack of sebum production) after your tonique to really lock in that moisture!

Dehydrated Skin: In relation to skin care, hydration means increasing the amount of water in your skin cells.  When your skin is properly hydrated, it is plump, glowing, smooth and soft.  We hydrate our skin by drinking plenty of water but we can also hydrate topically with a tonique. Dehydrated skin can benefit from humectants, which help our skin to bind and retain moisture.  Honey is a popular humectant (it is also hygroscopic) which means it also is attracted to moisture like a magnet!  This is why it is a key ingredient in all 3 masques. 

To Treat: Your skin lacks water- drink up! 

Your Ritual: Be sure to mist your tonique consistently and use it as a toner after you cleanse to add back any moisture that was lost.   What's the difference? Simply put: dehydrated skin lacks water and dry skin lacks oil.

For a beautiful treatment using rose petals, honey and jasmine, our Kiss of Royal Tea Masque + Jasmine Tonique will get you on your way to hydrated and moisturized skin!


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