Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Since wedding season has officially arrived, we have teamed up with Kyra & Vir, a marketplace that delivers handcrafted products from makers in India, to give you the perfect guide to keeping yourself feeling fresh and looking fabulous this wedding season.

1. Protect your skin

Not only a rule before your big day, but glowing skin first starts with prevention.  Wear a hat and a sunscreen every single day (even when its cloudy outside) to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun.  Look for Zinc Oxide based sunscreens and with an SPF of at least 30.

Hydrate: fine lines can start to surface when your skin is parched. Keeping your body hydrated isn’t just good for overall health, it helps keep our skin plump and will keep those toxins flushed out!

2.     Masque and Treat!

Using a good masque treatment 1-2x/ week can help lightly exfoliate, calm inflammation and keep your skin healthy and glowy.  Look out for ingredients such as turmeric to calm inflammation, saffron, sandalwood, orange peel and licorice root powders to brighten, and fuller’s earth clay to even complexion, remove impurities and remove excess oil.  The Ranavat Botanics Flawless Veil uses all these incredible ingredients with the addition of pure New Zealand manuka honey.  Using honey keeps the skin ultra hydrated while all the incredible botanicals go to work to brighten and even your complexion.  

Be careful to use a powder formula, as the active ingredients will be much more fresh and effective compared to the ready-made masques.   The earlier you start this process the better, but results can be seen as early as 4 weeks. 

Serum:  A really great serum for you skin type is critical to help clear skin and keep dryness at bay.  The oil you choose will depend on your skin type, but Hazelnut is great for Oily Skin, Jojoba for combination and Black Cumin Seed or Tamanu for dry skin.

3.     Cleanse at Night

One of the best things to do for your skin is to clean it at night.  As we sleep there is bacteria and sweat buildup that occur which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.  Even if you skip your wash in the morning, be sure to cleanse at night.

With skin, even small changes can yield big results and we can't wait to hear how your skin changes by adding these simple steps to your routine!

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