5 French-Girl Beauty Secrets Straight From Paris

5 French-Girl Beauty Secrets Straight From Paris

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5 French-Girl Beauty Secrets Straight From Paris

Paris Fashion Week kicked off Monday, bolstering our collective captivation by la vie Parisienne. Earlier this month, Ranavat Botanics founder Michelle Ranavat visited Paris to launch the brand at Le Bon Marchéintroducing the world of carefully selected botanicals and ancient royal traditions to the French. Ranavat Botanics is rooted in ritual and recognizes that self-care shouldn’t be an afterthought, not unlike the beauty secrets of French girls, with their coveted brand of je ne sai quoi allure so many try to emulate. So as Ranavat Botanics’ toniques and masques make their way into the beauty cabinets of French girls, what better time to take a moment to explore the French rituals that have earned a cult following the world over? Below we’ve detailed five of the French-girl beauty secrets Michelle has picked up along the way.


Avoid washing your face in shower

Americans have the tendency to multitask to a fault and rushing through nighttime routines is one of the many ways. While it might be common to lather up one’s visage in the shower, this is a mistake French girls never make. The heat of the shower is much too harsh for the face and can strip skin of moisture.

Invest in a washcloth

The pocket washcloth is a bathtime staple for the French. Rather than use abrasive loofahs, French women take a gentle approach to their skincare, using washcloths (that have been washed and dried sans dryer sheets to avoid chemicals, no less).

Micellar water is your friend

It’s safe to say nearly every French woman has micellar water as part of her skincare routine. The miracle worker is fast, easy to use, and multipurpose—removing makeup, cleansing skin, and leaving a soothing finish, all in one effortless step.

Never skip toner

Toner is another key skincare routine step that French women never skimp on. After cleansing with micellar water, the French will follow up with toner until their cotton swab is clean.

Less is more

It’s always quality over quantity for French women, and they know better than anyone that there’s beauty in paring down one’s look, routine, and beauty products. They look for hair and skincare products with concise ingredient lists—few hardworking ingredients that pack a punch. To maintain the quality and efficacy of ingredients, how it’s extracted matters, like the non-chemical supercritical extraction method we use for the Amla oil in Mighty Majesty to keep all the antioxidant and hair-strengthening properties in tact.

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