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Claim Your Crown


Claim Your Crown is our movement to inspire people to rule their own destiny.  Ranavat Botanics promises to share stories of the #beautifully empowered and support our noble cause by pledging 2% of proceeds to helping women escape human trafficking reclaim their crown.

  • My Claim Your Crown Moment

    LOVE what makes you unique.

    Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, being Indian was considered "different." These days, high school kids probably compare their organic chai recipes, but the 80's in Wisconsin were a completely different story. I pretty much spent my youth living 2 lives: at school I was eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches pretending they were samosas and at home I'd practice Indian dance for hours and learn every word to the newest Bollywood song. I ended up spending so many years of my life not thinking my two worlds could ever coexist. Ranavat Botanics is my way of finally being able to share who I am with the world. I am so thankful to finally have the confidence to share my story: not only for myself, but for my sons and future generations too. This is what it means to be #beautifullyempowered

  • Our Noble Cause

    Desai Foundation

    We pledge 2% of proceeds to the Desai Foundation, a non-profit organization empowers women and children through community programs to elevate health and livelihood in India & U.S.

  • #BeautifullyEmpowered

    Celebrate Uniqueness and Share Stories of Triumph

    Claim Your Crown inspires people to rule their own destiny and a part of that is sharing stories of the #BeautifullyEmpowered. We will be profiling men and women who have faced adversity and Claimed Their Crown.

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