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Join The Royal Family Ambassador Program

Join Ranavat’s Royal Family, a tight-knit community of influential brand enthusiasts who feel an authentic connection to the legacy, luxury and ritual of Ranavat. Rooted in tradition, efficacy and personal empowerment, Ranavat Botanics promotes beauty equality through the practice of self-care and service to our community.


As an Ambassador in the Royal Family, you will gain exclusive access to the Royal Academy, a private portal featuring content in all formats to share with your audience. You’ll also discover ways to collaborate with us through curated partnerships and learn about the incentives and rewards offered.

There are several ways to join the Royal Family Ambassador Program:

  • If you’re an experienced blogger, vlogger or digital beauty influencer interested in applying to become an Affiliate, please email is at

  • If you’re a brand enthusiast interested in partnering with us on an exclusive brand collaboration, please email us at

  • If you’re media interested in a media kit, please email us at

If you are already part of our Royal Family, simply login to the "Account" section on the upper right hand corner on our homepage.

Forever grateful for your continued support,

Michelle Ranavat

Michelle Ranavat


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