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July Giveaway Packages

This month we are celebrating Magical Botanicals.  We're diving deep into the history of these powerful botanicals to uncover what they culturally symbolize and the role they play in Ayurveda.  

This month, we are giving away

Mighty Majesty Hair + Body Serum ($55.00)

Mighty Majesty

- 3 organic ingredients bring this simple yet incredibly powerful treatment to life.  Amla, (indian gooseberry) is a superfood, and contains the vitamin C content of 10 oranges in a single berry.  Vitamin C strengthens hair and fortifies for extra length and shine.

- The jasmine oil in our serum is crafted using the very traditional method of steam distillation.  We take 150lbs of hand picked organic jasmine flowers and extract a single ounce of the oil.  It is incredibly precious- but this method allows all the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals to remain in tact.

Jasmine Tonique ($40.00)

Jasmine Tonique

- A hydrosol- meaning this mist is completely purely crafted from jasmine flowers.  Perfect for summer + incredibly nourishing for the skin.

Flawless Veil Masque ($65.00)

Flawless Veil

- Our summer masque pick!  Multani Mitti (or fuller's earth clay) is incredible at absorbing excess oil without stripping the skin of natural oils.  This is perfect for the summer, because it provides a nice matte effect to the skin, but will not leave it parched and in need of moisture.

- The brightening blend of botanicals (including turmeric, licorice root and sandalwood powder) all work to calm hyper pigmentation, which occurs with sun exposure. 

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