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My Story

  • Every ingredient has a story

    When is the last time you read an ingredient list and got excited?

    Each ingredient in the collection was added to serve YOU and are all personally scouted and identified by me. I have fallen in love with each ingredient and its unique story and believe they are all strong enough to stand on their own. When simple is completely and utterly beautiful and potent- you don't want it to hide among ineffective ingredients that do not honor your skin.

  • Indulge in Luxury Daily

    What is a daily ritual that brings you joy?

    When I was working as an investment banking analyst, I would literally live my life each week counting down to the weekend - or even a vacation months away. I always saw myself dreaming of the future and going through the motions in the present. Fast forward to now, as a mom, there is absolutely no break. I realized what I needed was a way to luxuriate moments in my daily life through creating rituals. My personal escape each morning is hydrating my body with a generous helping of Mighty Majesty Huile Extrordinaire. The sweet scent of jasmine oil elevates my experience gives me a sense of balance and sophistication- as if I'd spent hours getting ready after an indulgent spa treatment.

    I only create treatments that take you on a journey and make you feel loved and nurtured.

  • My Values

    What is your personal philosophy?

    I'm not a person that relishes in fast growth or shiny things. I thrive on real connections and pure ingredients. What brings me joy is connecting and hearing from YOU and I am most certainly not interested in what is "trendy" or what would be "good for sales". In fact, my dad has taught me to never compromise on my ethics- no business, no matter how profitable, is worth loosing sleep over.

    I truly believe that what we crave these days are real connections: to someone else or even to ourselves. That is exactly what Ranavat Botanics is: a way for you to connect with tradition, magical botanicals and your personal ritual. You are ROYALTY when you hold our treatments because of the history and incredible craftsmanship that goes into each and every drop.

    This desire to make you feel special is what drives me around the world in search of a botanical that is worthy of your skin. Come with me on this incredible journey to ancient India and let me unveil your most beautiful complexion.


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