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A powerhouse for both hair and body, Jasmine Oil is a botanical that will change the way you think about your hair.

    -Contains moisturizing properties to stop prevent hair breakage. Similar   to jojoba oil, jasmine oil is light and able to penetrate the hair shaft and cuticle to deeply condition. It also maintains your natural moisture and elasticity.

    -Is an antiseptic that purifies the scalp of bacteria and buildup. The natural healing properties found in jasmine oil work to eliminate and reduce the possibility of infections and scalp conditions such as dandruff.

    -Creates a conducive condition that not only hydrates but seals in moisture to the hair and scalp. The added moisture with tame those frizzes and give life to your curls.

    -The moisturizing properties found in jasmine oil deeply conditions to combat scalp and hair dryness. The added softens will stop your hair from webbing, making it easier for it to detangle.

    -In addition to hair, Jasmine oil Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks, is used to heal dermatitis and eczema and treats dry skin.

    Can be found in the following treatments:

    Hair Treatment Serum - Ranavat

    Mighty Majesty Hair Serum


    Mighty Majesty Hair Serum (Travel)

    Mighty Majesty Hair Serum (Travel)




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