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Kansa Comb

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Revive your scalp with a massage comb made of pure Kansa. Use on its own or pair with our fortifying hair serum to elevate your hair oiling rit...

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Kansa Comb
Kansa Comb


  • Benefits

    All Hair Types

  • Optimized For


  • Feels LIKE

    A Calming Massage

  • FYI

    Made of Pure Kansa (6th Generation Indian Artisans)

Step 01

Kansa Comb

Balance and detoxify your scalp with the purest ayurvedic metal: Kansa​


Stimulate the cranial chakras with circular micro movements using the Kansa Comb. Work from the crown of the head, across temples and working through the back of the head. Use as often as you would like.

Step 01

3-Point Marma Balance Massage

  • 1. Third Eye
    Increase intuition and connect with your inner-wisdom by stimulating between the eyebrows with gentle circular motions.
  • 2. Kapala known as “Ruler of Time”
    Relieve stress, support restorative sleep by gently massaging at the hairline. This point supports hormonal imbalance and facial tension.
  • 3. Murdhni known as “Moment to Moment Awareness”
    Regulate energetic flow throughout the body by gently massaging at the top of the head.

About the Artisan

  • Each Kansa Comb is made by hand in Rajasthan, India by the hands of 6th generation artisans.
  • Crafted by hand it takes weeks to create a final piece.
  • Kansa is a sacred metal that plays an important role in South Asian culture. It is one of the purest metals and carries a high level of spiritual vibration.
  • The Kansa Comb material has exceptional anti-microbial properties, which help boost immunity, balance pH levels, and promote relaxation of the body and mind.

Press & Reviews

“Anybody who loves a head massage needs this comb. It’s eight teeth gently stimulate your scalp for better circulation (which may lead to stronger hair growth). It’s made of kansa, a sacred Ayurvedic material that’s naturally antimicrobial.”

- Elle USA

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