RANAVAT - Facial Polish - Imperial Glow
RANAVAT - Facial Polish - Imperial Glow
RANAVAT - Facial Polish - Imperial Glow
RANAVAT - Facial Polish - Imperial Glow - Key Ingredients
RANAVAT - Facial Polish - Imperial Glow
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Facial Polish

Gently exfoliate your skin with finely milled rice powder and repairing ashwagandha. Use 3x a week for soft, radiant skin.

No Walnut Shell I Gentle for daily use I Fortified with Adaptogens.



A gentle exfoliator that effectively buffs away dead skin cells, uneven skin texture, and impurities.

Can I Use A Physical and Chemical Exfoliant Together?

Depending on your skin type we advise exfoliating with our Facial Polish 2-3 times a week with the possibility of building up tolerance to daily use. As you incorporate the gentle exfoliant into your ritual we advise not exfoliating on the same day with a chemical and physical exfoliant.  

Can This Be Used Instead of A Facial Cleanser?

While Imperial Glow has cleansing properties - for a more intense clarifying and purification treatment we recommend Luminous Ceremony to effectively remove makeup and impurities. 

PRO TIP: Flash Masque

For an instant at home facial for renewed radiant skin, pair our Facial Polish with our Brightening Saffron Serum – Radiant Rani.  

Take a dime size amount of Imperial Glow and gently mix in a few drops of the Saffron Serum. Massage gently into the skin in counter clockwise motions to eliminate dead skin cells while encouraging skin renewal. Add water incrementally, the more water added the more diluted the solution will be for those with sensitive skin types.

Clinically Proven, Ayurvedic, Infused with Saffron

  • GOOD FORAll skin types (even oily)
  • Optimized ForDark spots + fine lines
  • Feels LIKEA yummy dessert (saffron + rose)
  • FYIClean, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Optimized for all skin types


RANAVAT - Facial Polish - Imperial Glow

Facial Polish

Use 3x a week (or daily) to gently remove dull skin


Gently massage a generous amount onto dry skin, using circular motions, avoiding the eye area. Add warm water to emulsify and rinse clean.

Step 01

Gentle & Effective

1. Rice Grains. Their soft edges exfoliate gently and effectively.

2. Adaptogens. These powerful Ayurvedic ingredients self-correct and prevent stressed skin.

3. Daily Use. Effective enough to see the difference but gentle enough to use every day.

Our Ayurvedic Process

Made in India and infused with adaptogens, this facial polish is a unique experience waiting to be discovered. Pro tip: Leave on a few extra moments as a masque and gently rinse off in the shower.

“This potent serum meets oil works wonders on dry ends.”
“...the first Ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner that is clinically tested to regenerate and transform hair beginning at the root of hair health to the scalp.”