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A melding of modern alchemy and romance

I’ve learned first-hand that working with only the essentials yields noticeable results. My distinct aesthetic and thoroughly researched formulations give way to each strategically-picked botanical.

When it comes to creating my blends, I prefer taking the long road. Each ingredient is methodically extracted, preserved for its healing properties, and secured for your skin’s benefit. Essentially, it’s the melding of modern chemistry and romance.

Rooted in ritual

Much like eating well and exercising to maintain your health, beautiful skin comes from consistency. The same goes for self-care, which shouldn’t be an afterthought. We believe the connection between person and product isn’t a once-in-a-while ritual. Consider it habitual.


I have an undeniable passion for quality. Seriously, it’s pretty intense. And that comes through from my past life as I spent a considerable portion of my career in engineering.

But it stems from another place that I never quite celebrated while growing up in Wisconsin as a first-generation Indian American. After visiting Jaipur, India in 2010 as an adult, the thought of owning my story and upbringing became clear. For the first time, I wanted to reclaim those years and really celebrate my culture and pass on those traditions and heirlooms to anyone who may or may not feel the same way. It took me a minute, but when I got there, the juices started flowing and the inspiration was limitless.

Yet, inspired is an understatement. The elevated level of self-care in India and their devotion to ritualistic daily practices sparked the idea for RANAVAT, a botanical skincare collection that drives connection. Kings and queens of Rajasthan wanted to live forever (don’t we all), and they used ancient elixirs and potions to help them get there. But when I think of royals, I don’t consider them elitists—I don’t connect with that. These are men and women who served their community and kept track of their kingdom.

With that in mind, I revealed RANAVAT in 2017 because I truly believe that right now, more than ever, we want to feel something. A product is a product. I know that. You know that. There’s enough out there in the world that can take us from point A to Point B. But I crafted a unique experience where you’ll unite with your sense of self, your culture, and your consciousness. With a nod to Ayurveda to inform and inspire my formulations, quality and attention to detail are first and foremost. And luxury, well that should be a given. It’s about time we elevate our ritual and do as the royal do, right?



Claiming Your Crown gives you the ability to take on anything. Its meant to inspire, share, and rule your own destiny. We profile both men and women who have faced adversity with a mission to claim their crown.


Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, being Indian was considered “different.” I spent my youth living two lives: at school, I was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pretending they were samosas. At home, I practiced Indian dance for hours and learned every word to the newest Bollywood song. I spent years thinking my two worlds couldn’t coexist.

But Ranavat Botanics changed that. Building this brand is my way of finally sharing who I am with the world. Whatever adversity you’ve faced, I hope Ranavat empowers you to Claim Your Crown.


We pledge 2% of proceeds to DESAI FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that empowers women and  children through community programs to elevate health and livelihood in India and the US . We hope that these women and children claim their crown with their newfound skills and dreams!


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