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A Note from Michelle

We often underestimate the risk of staying still and overestimate the risk of being wrong.  Read that again and think about it.  It means we often don't actually realize what we are giving up by not betting on ourselves.  We had an intimate dinner this week in NYC and I was sharing a story about growing up.  In 2nd grade, I came to school with my hair oiled.  At some point in the day I was told that my hair was dirty, greasy and that it was "gross."  I was mortified to the point where I eventually changed schools.  

This incident truly hurt me (to the point where I'm writing to you about it as a 41 year old) but it did not break me.  Fast forward back to the dinner, I was standing in front of amazing people in our industry and guess what?! they were so SUPPORTIVE.  I could have let that incident in 2nd grade stop me from oiling my hair- but I couldn't stay still.  You don't have to stay still either.  

Over this week, you have seen that our entire site is 20% off!! This is the ONLY event we will have all year.  My sister just had a baby on Thursday at 5pm and at 8am she placed an order for our sale.  She knows I would gift her, but she wants to support- and she did it on one of the most important days of her life.  That is pretty meaningful and I feel lucky to have people like this in my life. While you may not be giving birth today, your support during our event and always is as heartwarming as my sister and is so greatly appreciated.

Also note, there are ways to support without purchasing!! The first is to share this with your friends and family.  Share the love and be a part of moving forward and not standing still.  Need help with anything? Reach out to our amazing Concierge team at - we can do gifting, corporate gifting, and answer all your skin questions.    

Sending you all so much love and gratitude: I'm betting on YOU, so I hope you bet on yourself in return. 



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