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Article: Remember you

Remember you

Remember you

I first tried the saffron serum in a black little bottle (early adapter), and I used a little drop or two a day in the cold winter in NY during the lockdown. I was sleep deprived and locked up with a breast-fed baby and a preteen screaming at strangers on the internet about Minecraft. So, in this caged chaos at the end the day I would take a few drops of this beautiful aromatic serum to my dry and irritated face, and I would feel a moment of love and peace. Just a moment, but one so desperately needed.

Looking back to the lockdown, I learned a lot about myself there. I learned that I like to cook, and my creations are edible. That was a surprise! I also learned that taking a few minutes in quiet to do something (even a little something) for yourself, is EVERYTHING. Days, months, and years are flying by, and I don’t recognize the person in the mirror. I have been unkind to her. I pushed her to the limits. I wore her down. Amidst all the kindness and love I had bestowed on others I have been unkind to me. A little moment of self-reflection in that mirror (pun intended) and I see a neglected me in desperate need of a little self-love.

That is what this serum is for me. A little love for me in my day. A moment to stop and say I matter. My face is not just the receptacle of food and screen glare. My skin is not just the cover for my teeth. I am worthy of love and kindness!

I put a few drops of the golden serum in my hand and warm it there between my palms. Then I press it into my skin and gently massage my tired face. Pull the hands away from my face just a little and inhale that soothing rich scent. There! That was it. My little treat. My little treasure of a moment. My love for me. Because I matter. Because I am worthy. Because I am still beautiful. Because I am alive.

Please remember: You are beautiful! You are important! You are loved!

If you haven't tried this beautiful serum, you can learn more about it here: Brightening Saffron Serum | RANAVAT.

 - Gala

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