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Article: Spring Cleaning - Less is more

Spring Cleaning - Less is more
less is more

Spring Cleaning - Less is more

I live in an NYC apartment. We are a family of 4. We have stuff. So much stuff. Half the time I don’t know what this stuff is, and the other half is spent looking for it and trying to remember where I put it.  When my son’s school did a production of Rent, they asked for clothes from the 90’s. I read that as a personal invitation, delivered giant Ikea bags of clothes and accessories to the school and dressed the whole cast! They even credited me in the playbill. TRUE STORY! A proud and a confusing moment. What am I holding on to in my tiny apartment and why?  Marie Kondo would be so disappointed. I read her book several years ago and clearly did not apply the lesson (silently putting on my cone of shame).

I sincerely want to inch towards a more peaceful existence where I hope not to be inundated with my belongs. Being visually overstimulated by clutter makes me feel overwhelmed. This is a real thing, I swear!  So, after digging through the clothes my kids grew out of two years ago (oops) and packing them for donation, my brain asks for a break, and I hide in the bathroom (the only door that locks) and glance at my pretty RANAVAT treat.  Aaa sanctuary!  I am grateful for this little moment, and I am even more grateful that my golden elixir is all I need.  The Saffron Serum has replaced a Vitamin C serum, a light moisturizer, a hyperpigmentation treatment (I am basically a dalmatian), aromatherapy, an overnight treatment, a dewy look bronzer, an eye creme (for the racoon eyes I wake up with) and a massage oil for when I treat myself to a Kansa massage.  That clutter and frankly all the cost for those purchases are gone. Hooray for baby steps out of the clutter void! Not quite a minimalist yet but this sure feels like a step in the right direction! Marie Kondo approves.

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