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Kansa CombKansa Comb
Kansa Comb Sale price$70.00

Elevate your hair oiling ritual with ourhand-crafted Ayurvedic massage tool made of pure Kansa - a sacred metal from India known for its unique ability to balance, detoxify, and promote overall health and well-being. By stimulating the head and neck, microcirculation helps flow freshly oxygenated blood to the scalp for potential increased hair regrowth while balancing and relaxing the mind/body

Kansa metal is an alloy mixture of 78% Copper + 22% Tin. Approximately 4:1 ratio of Copper to Tin. 

Step 1 

Generously apply Fortifying Hair Serum to the scalp.  

This powerful and ultra-nourishing hair treatment works to prevent hair damage while keeping existing strands lustrous and vibrant. A blend of 3 clinically proven ingredients – Jasmine Oil, Amla Extract, and Sunflower Oil helps manage breakage, nourish the scalp, and protect against head damage to leave hair stronger and more supple.  

Perfect for all hair textures, especially damaged and dry hair, and for treating flaky scalp.  

 Step 2 

Align the tooth-edged side of the Kansa Comb at the center part and gently press to stimulate freshly oxygenated blood to the scalp surface and relieve tension by massaging the cross-fibers of the scalp. 

 Step 3  

Pull down the left side (Divine Feminine) of the scalp with firm pressure and end at the back of the head. Repeat 10 times.  

Pull down the right side (Divine Masculine) of the scalp with firm pressure and end at the back of the head. Repeat 10 times.  

This helps to evenly distribute the Fortifying Hair Oil from the scalp to the strands and supports overall well-being and longevity by unifying the mind, body, and spirit while the Kansa metal helps to balance pH levels, reduce inflammation & boost immunity.  

 Step 4

Starting on the left side of the neck, gently sweep the Kansa Comb down towards the heart for lymphatic drainage and energy center stimulation. 

Notice how the energy centers feel in your body. If you feel energy blocks on one side, repeat the movement until balance is restored.   

This helps detoxify the skin by removing excess acidity (Pitta) from the skin, and also encourages lymphatic drainage and flow.  

The Brass Hair PinThe Brass Hair Pin
The Brass Hair Pin Sale price$25.00

Our handmade hair pin is crafted from 100% pure brass and polished to perfection.  Use our chic hair pin to elevate your hair oiling ritual or on its own for as a crowing jewel.  

Sacred Jasmine CandleSacred Jasmine Candle - RANAVAT
Jasmine Ritual Candle Sale price$65.00

Formulated with our signature fragrance of freshly harvested jasmine, the Sacred Jasmine Candle invites you to unwind, relax, and recharge. Each limited-edition candle is poured in a small batch, with conscious ingredients.

Thoughtfully crafted with a tri-complex of coconut, soy and apricot to ensure a clean and soot-free burn. The base note of jasmine creates a tranquil and relaxed environment by encouraging a state of relaxation.

Our glass vessels are intentionally crafted to be repurposed. We encourage you to incorporate the vessel into your ritual and daily routine - as a floral vase, stationary pen holder, or succulent pot.

Ingredients: Coconut, Soy, and Apricot Oil; Jasmine

Cruelty Free I Non-GMO I Gluten Free I Palm Free I Vegan

Always trim candle wick to a quarter inch with each burn. Allow candle to burn to the edge to ensure wax memory integrity. Burn time of 60 hours.

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