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Article: The Pushkar Rose: Why It's Famous

The Pushkar Rose: Why It's Famous

The Pushkar Rose: Why It's Famous

Amongst the 150 varieties of rose grown in the world, the Pushkar rose is one of the most popular.

If there is one ingredient that has been consistently used in wellness and beauty treatments, it is the rose. Several ancient cultures have incorporated roses within their traditions since time immemorial, be it in the form of royal attars, Unani medicine, or rose-based Ayurvedic remedies.

The history of the Pushkar rose

The city of Pushkar, also known as the rose garden of Rajasthan, offers the highest per-hectare yield for rose cultivation in the subcontinent. According to a legend, Lord Brahma once dropped flowers from his hand and the place where those flowers fell came to be known as Pushkar (in Sanskrit push means flower and kar means hand). 

The association of the city and flowers was further strengthened when the Mughals introduced rose farming around 1615. The flowers grown here were used to make wines, rose-based skincare, perfumes, sherbets, and gulkand (a delicacy that has a cooling effect). This practice continues today and rose cropping remains one of the primary occupations of the city residents alongside tourism and animal rearing. 

Rose farming is done 10 out of 12 months in the city. In 1995,  the city produced 40,000kg roses a day. More than 700 hectares of land is dedicated to rose cultivation. Most rose gardens are located in the periphery of the Pushkar lake. What sets apart these gardens is the minimal use of chemical fertilizers. Pushkar’s rose gardens do not only offer employability but are tourist attractions in their own right. 

Pushkar rose has made a name for itself in the competitive floriculture market. It has a high export value due to its fat content and acid-base (pH) balance. As a result, it is in much demand from the food, pharmaceutical, skincare, cosmetic, and perfume industries all over the world. 

The skincare benefits of roses

Roses are known for their anti-aging, antihistaminic, and anti-inflammatory properties. They have proven to reduce redness caused by bacterial infections. Roses also help mitigate the impact of harsh chemical reactions and treat swelling of skin and even minor eczema. Rose oil is recommended to treat chronic dryness for those who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. 

According to one phytochemical study, “rose petals are very rich in vitamins, they have a regenerative effect on the skin and can also be used to fight colds and flues as well as freeing the body of toxins.” It is recorded that rose has an abundant amount of moisture and antioxidants. These floral antioxidants are channelized and concentrated in rose water, which is popularly used as an effective hydrating toner. Rose water, which has 10 to 30 percent fat content, is perhaps the most widely-accepted form of rose-based skincare. 

Other than rose-based skincare, rose water is also used to treat allergic reactions like conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye), due to the analgesic traits of the flower. It is noted that using chemical-free rose water in one’s eye subdues the burning sensation and pacifies the inflamed area. You can also use it to relieve pain from minor burns, rashes, and cuts. 

Pushkar rose is widely employed in aromatherapy for its pleasant fragrance that elicits a calming response. It is added in room fresheners, diffusers, and incense sticks. The aroma of rose is mixed in ayurvedic herbal compositions like massage oil because of its relaxing properties. Traditionally this flower is paired with patchouli, oudh, and frankincense (loban). This fragrant combination is often used as a scent in religious places like mosques and temples as well as meditation centers. 

The RANAVAT series

The Restoring Hand Crème is an opulent moisturizing mixture that is brimming with the therapeutic and healing qualities of the Pushkar rose. It makes your hands supple and prevents flakiness. In a world where our hands are being repeatedly exposed to frequent handwashing and abrasive chemicals of sanitizers or disinfectants, this cream restores the much-needed moisture to your hands. You will experience visible results from the very first time you apply the cream. The soothing fragrance of Pushkar rose will give you a comforting sense of luxury. 

The Brightening Saffron Serum is infused with rose oil in addition to a blend of vitamins and saffron. This serum is easy to absorb and yet highly moisturizing. Deeply hydrating, this serum gives you that glow from within look. 


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