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Kansa Wand: Detoxifying Facial Massage Tool

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Re-energize your skin with a pure Kansa, a sacred mix of copper and tin that is known to balance pH to help calm the appearance of irritation an...

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RANAVAT - Kansa Wand - Facial Massage Tool
Kansa Wand: Detoxifying Facial Massage Tool


  • Benefits

    All skin types including acne prone

  • Optimized For

    pH balancing, Fine Lines, Correcting Troubled Skin

  • Feels LIKE

    A Royal Ritual

  • FYI

    Handmade in India by 6th generation artisans


RANAVAT - Kansa Wand - Facial Massage Tool

Kansa Wand

Massage your face and neck in circular motions, focusing on areas with increased tension. There are no rules!


Gently massage the forehead, jaw muscles, and cheekbones for 10 to 15 minutes. A gray tint on skin may develop, indicating that acids are being released to detoxify skin—this will rinse off with warm water.

Step 01

Will Your Skin Turn Grey?!

  • The Kansa Wand is like a mood ring for your face. It turns grey as the serum oxidizes if your skin pH balance is off.
  • The grey residue can easily be wiped and will not leave a trace!
  • If you do not see any grey on your skin, don't worry- it means your skin is balanced. The wand is still working its magic through the massage and detoxification process.

The Kansa Wand: 4 Ways to Use

  • The Kansa Wand: Tones, Lifts, Detoxifies
  • 1. Create small circles up the side of the face towards the temples.
  • 2. Sculp towards the cheekbone
  • 3. Run the wand under eye up to the temples
  • 4. Start above the brow and move outwards towards the temple
  • Notice your face structure is more defined and your skin more balanced. Wipe any grey on your skin.
  • Simply wipe your wand with a cloth for storage as the copper is naturally anti-bacterial.

Kansa Wand vs Gua Sha

While both tools are part of traditional beauty rituals, they serve very different purposes. The Kansa Wand is known for its detoxifying capabilities and allows you to move in circular motions, warming the skin and drawing out toxins.

The Gua Sha is a sclupting tool known for lymphatic drainage. Both tools have value and can be used in your skincare ritual!

Press & Reviews

"The tool works to detoxify the skin leaving users with glowy, depuffed skin and softened fine lines."

- Vogue

“Delivers a relaxing massage but to also relieve sinus headaches, stimulate memory, and even improve has been constructed beautifully and is a tool that will last you a very long time.”


“There’s nothing more relaxing after a long day of staring at my screen than rubbing my face with this wand. It melts away tension while de-puffing and lifting at the same time.”

- Cosmopolitan

“A useful tool. After more than 4 weeks of use, I saw improvement on my face. There is lesser face swelling. The daily ritual of massaging my face and using the serum is what I enjoyed most. It was calming and invigorating. In the mornings, the cold metal was excellent to use under eye for puffiness.”

- Ranavat Customer

“'Kansa' go wrong with it. It does help make my face look plumper - in a good way. My deep acne scars look a little less deep. Now I am ready for anything. I enjoy the process of using the wand as well with the Radiant Rani - lovely fragrance and calming way to end the day.”

- Ranavat Customer

“I noticed that my skin feels firmer and is less puffy. It was a relaxing component to my nighttime skin care routine - consisting of a cleanser, Radiant Rani followed by using the Kansa Wand and then moisturizer. I often clench my jaw a lot, the Kansa Wand helped to alleviate some of the tension. It is also very calming and soothing to my skin especially the cool touch.”

- Ranavat Customer

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