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Article: The Benefits of Marma

The Benefits of Marma

The Benefits of Marma

"Ayurveda teaches us that the power to heal ourselves is at our fingertips. Bring this ancient wisdom into your weekly hair oiling ritual and it just might be the practical antidote to our modern chaotic life." - Michelle Ranavat 

Discover the Benefits of Marma

The Ayurvedic Science of Energy Points can help

  • Provide lasting stress relief
  • Promote deep restful sleep
  • Soothe sensory overload
  • Calm the mind
  • Balance emotions and hormones
  • Ease tension in the neck and head

…and so much more

The 5 Sacred Marma points on the scalp

Kapala means the “ruler of time”. This point is located at the midline of the forehead, right at the hairline. Much of our stress is related to feeling bound by time and this marma point helps relieve stress, supports sound sleep, and calms emotional disturbance. It also supports hormonal imbalance and helps dissipate tension in the head.

Murdhni comes from the root muhu, which means “moment to moment awareness.” It regulates energy flow throughout the body. It is located on the vertex of the scalp, about ten fingers-width back from the point between the eyebrows.

Brahmarandhra means “the opening to the creator.” This point is known to stimulate creativity and expand awareness. It is located on the midline of the scalp, two fingers-width behind Murdhni.

Shivarandhra means “the opening to the transformer.” It is located on the midline of the scalp, two fingers-width posterior to Murdhni, towards the forehead.

Murdhni, Brahmarandhra, and Shivarandhra all promote deep restful sleep, help soothe sensory overload and calm the mind.

Manyamula means “the root of the neck.” It is located below the place where the occipital bone protrudes at the base of the skull. This powerful point regulates the flow of lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, and cerebral blood. It improves equilibrium and provides relief for the neck and head, especially for those of us sitting at a desk all day.

The Healing Marma Ritual

Warm a few drops of Fortifying Hair Serum in your hands and begin your massage using your fingers tips, the Kansa Hair Comb or the Kansa Wand.

Start with Kapala and press down with both middle fingers or the comb. Hold for a few breaths or up to two minutes.

Note: The longer the stimulation and the deeper the breath.

After Kapala, move along the midline of the scalp and repeat this same hold at Murdhni, Brahmarandhra, and Shivarandhra, taking a few deep, slow breaths at each point.

Continue along the midline all the way ending with the same hold at Manyamula.

Touch lightly with each inhale and more deeply with each exhale.




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