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A Note from Michelle

Dear RANAVAT Royals,

I'm being quite reflective this Sunday- sipping some jasmine tea and thinking about the wild ride we've been on together over the past (almost) 5 years together. This month in particular has been a crazy one. From the super highs of March / April with our Sephora + Harrods launch celebrations to a massive challenge (our beloved Saffron Brightening Serum & Hair Serum are both SOLD OUT :-/ ). All of this is on the heels of market uncertainty and lots of political drama. During these crazy times, my strength as a founder comes from you and this community.

I received a message today on DM (if you dont know- I read practically every single one) from a customer in her 50's whose skin became so stressed post COVID. She said "Your products have changed my skin. Thank you for believing in your dream because it's actually helping others and I am one of those benefiting". I know we're not saving lives over here, but our purpose is to enhance it. Whether its just our community- and entertaining you with my social media antics, or giving you those 2 min for yourself after a long day, to feeling like yourself again with your hair flowing and skin glowing again after going though stress your happiness is what we chase.

One of my favorite parts of this job is to engage with you and I want to know how we can be better. Would you like more of these "stream of consciousness" emails from me? What would you like to see in our newsletters? Our goal is to provide you with value and give you an email you actually want to open- so please help us build better content for you. Let us know your thoughts via email ( or via SMS.

Honestly this is actually pretty therapeutic for me too- haha. I hope you all have an amazing Sunday and you do something for yourself today. For me, it might consist of buying some fried snacks from the Indian grocery store ;)

My best,

-Michelle Ranavat, Founder (

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