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Brightening Saffron Serum Deluxe Mini (5mL)

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Upgrade your Vitamin C to this saffron-infused super serum that targets the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. Formulated for all skin types including oily, acne prone skin and sensitive skin types. This powerful oil-based serum is made in India using a traditional 18 day Ayurvedic infusion process for maximum potency. AWARD: Vogue's Best Serum: 2021,2022,2023

Clinically proven formula, Cruelty-free, Vegan, Non-GMO, No Silicones, No Synthetic Fragrance



Real Results

Real Results



RANAVAT - Brightening Saffron Serum Mini - Radiant Rani Mini
Brightening Saffron Serum Deluxe Mini (5mL)

Clinically Proven, Ayurvedic, Infused with Saffron

Replace your Vitamin C with the Saffron Serum. In Ayurveda, saffron is considered to be a miracle ingredient for the skin. It is rich with anti-oxidants and improves the look of dark spots and fine lines.

  • Benefits

    Targets the look of: dark spots + fine lines + redness  

  • Optimized For

    All skin types (including oily and acne prone)

  • Feels LIKE

    Saffron + Roses

  • FYI

    Non comedogenic, oily skin friendly, pregnancy friendly, good for sensitive skin

Award winning brightening saffron serum

  • ApplicationMassage 2-3 drops on face and neck on cleansed skin
  • StepUse after cleansing 
  • UsageDaily morning + evening  
  • Pairs withResurfacing Saffron Masque and Kansa Wand
  • ReplacesVitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid
  • Follow withBakuchi Crème for added hydration and repair 

Our Ayurvedic Process


Each saffron flower is carefully and ethically picked by hand in India. 
Saffron is more expensive by weight than gold and is stored in vaults for safe keeping. The saffron in our serum is tested for its potency and freshness prior to use.

Key ingredients

Saffron / Licorice Root / Lotus Seed

A base of Sesame + Rice Bran oils create a light-weight base that leaves skin nourished but not greasy.

Press & Reviews

“The secret to RANAVAT’S ayurvedic Radiant Rani Brightening Serum formula includes saffron threads, which are believed to create a more even-toned complexion.”

– Vogue

“RANAVAT spared no expense when developing this brightening serum. Not only is this formula reputed to stimulate cell regeneration, calm stressed skin, and enhance youthful radiance, but it is also supported by clinical studies.”

– Harper’s Bazaar

“This product is pure luxury. The silky oil helps my skin stay glowy... It smells heavenly: a robust, fragrant saffron that I cannot get enough of.” - WhoWhatWear

The saffron scent in this serum is so decadent, (and is so so fall). Its warm and spicy aroma makes using the product a step to linger on in my nighttime routine—I credit the inclusion of vetiver, for a touch of woodsy. After massaging it into my complexion, it sinks in almost immediately and has helped with textural issues that tend to happen as the season shifts. Rose oil and a blend of antioxidants provide a gentle yet effective nourishment of the skin and moisturize without any greasiness.

- Byrdie

"This product is a hit!! It's like applying a magic potion on your skin, instantly brightens and plumps the skin leaving it soft and smooth. The smell is just to die for. Amazing!!" 

- Ranavat Customer

"Truly a staple in one's skincare regimen. It has significantly improved my hyperpigmentation and the dullness of my skin. I wake up with hydrated and radiant skin." 

- Ranavat Customer

"You don't need a separate vitamin C, facial oil, or any other serum if you have Radiant Rani. The smell is divine and my skin seems to have gotten more supple and brighter since I've started using it."

- Ranavat Customer

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